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Nahyoung Lee
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I plan to become a website programmer / writer (hobbyist). I enjoy writing, and have fun looking at all my cringey things I haven't touched for about 2 years ^-^;;

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What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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da fuq? how am I Italy?
What Hetalia Nordic Country are you?
What Hetalia Nordic Country are you?
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What Vocaloid Are You?
What Vocaloid Are You?
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Da fuq? I'm a guy, seriously well I am tomboyish
Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?
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Welcome to another model download!

Here are a few basic rules:

-Credit me MagesticDragon (since I want to be credited with my YouTube channel)
-Editing's cool, but ask first especially when redistributing an edit
-Seriously, Just don't claim as your own

When you use them, send me a link, since I'm curious about what you guys do with them ^-^


Fallen Angel! Mark

Fallen Angel! Jack

Fallen Angel! Ethan

DL Here:

Test Video:…
Aaron + Aphmau
So, I got bored and streamed the making of these two models last night~
There's still some glitches with Aaron, but I may update and fix it later at some point.

Please Credit Me MagesticDragon when you use these models & link me back to the work you've created!!


Fallen Angel! Aphmau

Base - Feverdream / TDA
Hair- PrincessOfLight22
Hair Texture - MiyukiOhayashi
Top - anecoco
Shorts - lhixx
Boots - akehoshi
Wings - Tehrainbowllama
Flower Crown - Tehrainbowllama

Fallen Angel! Aaaron

Base - Holyray09
Hair - IamMaemi
Shirt - Stylc
Coat - Stylc
Jeans - Avant-Garde3D
Shoes - UnluckyCandyFox
Wings - Tehrainbowllama

DL Here:
I'm doing monthly commissions of MMD models for the price of nothing; THEY'RE FREE
I think I will have a limit of 10 requests per month, unless I feel like I can extend it.
Here are videos of my models:

What I Need:
Character Profile
    Appearance (Please be detailed with clothing, hair, etc):

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and Insanity…

Is this all I am now? Now, that I’ve lost the one precious person in my life, am I just a wandering soul? Without someone to keep my mind stable and my emotions balanced, regret has engulfed who I once was.

Blank white walls stared at me from each side. My family was the one who placed me here for my own good. I could hear their distasteful comments before I was sentenced to my white jail cell.

“They’re crazy”

“Have they always been this way?”

“There’s no possible way that my child’s insane”

I cackled at the memory. There’s nothing wrong with me, they’re the insane ones for placing me here. They believe that I see and hear things, but they are the ones who don’t have the ability to comprehend the voices. I was lucky enough to even discover their presence and they’ve been keeping me company. They told me, I’ll be able to see my beloved, Youngbin, once more.

The screeching of wheels on that very day echo inside my head. The scene never fades, but it’s not possible he’s gone. He’s still alive and I’m waiting for him to come rescue me. I know my family is wrong, he’s still in the hospital to get treated until his release. He’s still by my side.

”Youngbin! Get back here!”

“No! I am done with all our pointless fights that you start!” he hollered leaving our apartment, “you need stop being so controlling of my life!”

“Oh I’m the bad guy here? Says the one who cheats on me” I screamed so loudly that the noise reverberated off the walls.

He turned to face me with cold eyes, “I’ve never cheated on you and you very well know that”

My eyes were on the verge of tears with apologies bottled up in my throat. Something within wouldn’t let the words free from its trap. He stormed off with his things. My arm was outstretched to hang onto him, but a speeding car out bested me. Before I could move, the car sped forward and made impact with Youngbin.

Somehow my voice was finally free once more, “Youngbin!”

Kneeling before his face, he struggled to place his hand on top of my own trembling hands.

“Please tell me you’re alright” tears flowed down my cheeks unable to grasp the fact he was dying.

“H-hey, there’s no need to ruin that pretty face o-of your” he flashed that cute smile of his.

Shaking my head, “p-please Youngbin, y-you can’t-”

“It’ll be alright” he uttered, “I’m sorry”

“No, I should be the one who’s sorry”

His hand felt limp, but I refused to believe his soul had left.

When the paramedics arrived, they had to pry me off of his body.

Everyone thinks I’m insane for believing he’s alive, but that’s the truth. Why don’t they believe me?

I sat curled up like always on the rigid bed. The last contact I had with another someone could’ve been hours or even days since I took my medication. The rancid sickly medicine had to be forced down my throat by those insane nurses. Why are they blind and can’t see that I am healthy. I don’t belong in this hospital. I know I’m perfectly fine.

Youngbin, where are you? When will you come and take us back home? You understand that I’m not paranoid like everyone else says, right? I grinned, of course he wouldn’t. He loves me no matter how crazy my antics are, that’s why we’ve been together for three years.

A knock sounded from the door on my left. The knob turned and the doctor with graying hair and small spectacles walked in with the horrid nurse as backup. He held a clipboard and greeted me with a small murmur. The nurse was the devil, forcing down every drop of vile medicine.

“Hello there, how are you today?” the tone of his voice seemed fabricated due to years of dealing with patients.

“I’m okay, doctor, when will I be released?”

The nurse huffed at my question and the doctor peered at me.

“Well, you don’t seem well yet, so we will have to keep you here” he answered.

“But I’m not crazy!” I blurted.

He propped up his spectacles and marked something on his clipboard, “I see”

He nodded towards the nurse who left the room for a short period of time to only return with a glass bottle with a golden liquid sloshing inside. The doctor whistled, summoning two more nurses whom grabbed and pinned me down the bed.

“You must take your medicine” one of the nurses said coldly.

The honey-like liquid streamed down my throat with a bitter taste. My eyelids were drooping until I could no longer fight the drowsiness.

When I did regain part of my consciousness, the room was shrouded in bleak darkness. A sudden movement was detected sneaking around.

“Who are you?” my voice was a whisper.

Whatever the being was, it approached me and flashed a grin. The room grew bright with light, and the figure was recognizable.


He flashed his notorious smile, “did you miss me?”

“Of course, Youngbin!” I reached to hug him.

I didn’t feel the warmth I was accustomed to.

“Listen, I’m not actually here with you”

“You’re not?” my head cocked in confusion.

“I’m afraid not, but you want to come join where I am, right?”

I nodded gleefully.

He chuckled, “okay so there’s a little fan on the ceiling, move the chair over and tie a small noose with rope that’s in here with you. Then kick the chair over”

“Are you sure this is the way?” I questioned.

“Would I lie about how you can see me again?”

“Uh, no I guess not since you do love me”

He pecked my forehead, “good, I’ll see you soon, my love”

Blinking my eyes, he was no longer there. With a surge of excitement, I placed the chair and tied a small little noose. I shouldn’t hesitate and keep Youngbin waiting. With little hesitation I kicked the chair underneath my feet.
Voices [SF9 Youngbin X Insane!Reader]
Re-post from my tumblr:

Prompt (s): Death & Illusions


This somehow pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I wrote something I don’t normally write. I’m sorry if you hate it, it was inspired by these two words. So yeah… Insane Reader…. (I promise I normally don’t write these)

Word Count: 1,015

I normally don't write something like this, or really triggering/dark, but this is what happens when I get two prompts.
A Little About Me:
Hello, my name is Nahyoung or just call me Rose.
I am not a professional, really I enjoy writing and it has been my passion since I was 13. I started out with fanfiction which has grown to my own works on Wattpad.

What I Offer: (None of these are 18+ I write angst and fluff, please don't request smut)
    *Animes (Just to name a few, feel free to ask about other animes)
        ~Ao No Exorcist
        ~Soul Eater
    *K-Pop (I see you fans out there// yet again naming a few)
    Feel free to ask about any other types of fanfictions

-Potential Backstories for Your OCs
    These are just pretty much short stories typically about the backstory of your OCs. If you're not particularly good at writing about the backstory of your character, I can help with that.

-Short Stories
    These are pretty much general short stories on anything. It is different from fanfictions because this category deals with anything you want, and could be about your OC even, except it is lengthier compared to the backstory option.

-Chaptered Stories
    I offer these in bundles of 3. So, you can request more, however I will not be offering a full novel because as a high school student, I do not have enough time to create a full length novel, I'm afraid

My general price is  $1.00 USD per 1000 words, now since not all of these are going to be exact...

Fanfictions (1,000 - 10, 000 words)
Now, the prices will range depending on how long you would want the fanfiction to be. Of course, the words will not turn out to be exactly eg. 5,000. It could be slightly less or more, however it will still only cost 5.00 USD.

Backstories (100 - 2,000 words)
These are cheaper since they are much shorter compared to short stories and fanfictions. These are just simple plot backstories, so it will range from 10 cents to 2.00 USD.

Short Stories (2,000 - 5,000 words)
Like the name suggests, these are short stories with a minimum of 2,000 words. So, my price range will be from 2.00 USD - 5.00 USD.

-Chaptered Stories (There is no exact word count)
These are a fixed amount of 3.00 USD.

I'll be lenient and take dA points, but I'd rather much receive paypal payments.

"The soft trickling water of a nearby pond always provides me with an everlasting sense of peace. In this very spot, I always end up meditating whenever I need to keep my mind off of something. Nearby footsteps came from behind me, alerting me of a presence with a light pink aura. I was born blind; despite my handicap, my other senses have been heightened. I do not think of it as a disadvantage, instead I was born with a gift. I was born to see without the use of sight. My sense of auras helps me as much as eyes help any other normal person. Although others could have the sense of auras, mine is said to be a special gift by a couple of monks. 

The monks have told me the truth of how I was abandoned by my mother at the age of 1, because of my blindness. Even though, I’m born disabled, the monks at the temple took me in and are more than happy to help and nurture me. They discovered my strange aura ability to read aura at the age of 5. I would say that I could ‘see’ even though I did not actually have sight. I could still sense and make out the world around me through the auras emitted by other beings around me. I can roam anywhere I wanted as long as I don’t leave the temple grounds. " (Rose of Sharon // Old Contest Entry"

"I don’t even know who my actual mother is. No hybrid does because most mothers volunteer to give up their baby. These are the mothers who aren’t ready for the responsibility of raising children like teen mothers. They give us up from our early stages after we’re born to the scientists responsible for the hybridization of humans. I would love to see my real mother just once, but I would also despise her for setting my life to be like this.           

            The rain was just starting to clear up, with the clouds dissipating to reveal the clear sapphire sky. More people briskly getting to where they needed to go passed me without any look of remorse. I don’t need their pity, I just want a place in society. My stomach growled since the last time I had eaten was just two days ago. Even now, I was starting to miss the cold gruel my master had given to me. I longed for just anything to eat.

            Two rats from a trash can scurried around and one came up to me. He twitched his whiskers and scurried away with its friend. The sun in the sky was setting and the crowds of people grew since it was time for them to get off work and get to their families. It must be nice to have a real home and a family sitting together. My eyes were slowly closing as sleep overtook me." (Hybrid // Another Old Contest Entry"

Please Contact Me Through Notes and We Can Talk From There


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I'm doing monthly commissions of MMD models for the price of nothing; THEY'RE FREE
I think I will have a limit of 10 requests per month, unless I feel like I can extend it.
Here are videos of my models:

What I Need:
Character Profile
    Appearance (Please be detailed with clothing, hair, etc):

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